The Southeast Provider Collaborative is a group of grassroots wellbeing providers working together and supporting each other to deliver high quality experiences focussed on helping people with their mental wellbeing.  The approach is holistic, person centred and relational rather than clinical.  It helps people get more control over their healthcare, to manage their needs and in a way that suits them.

We have identified a demand to enable people in need of mental health support to access and participate in the community based provision offered by the Southeast Derbyshire Provider Collaborative.  We help and encourage participants to use a range of transport options developing independence.  For some participants whether for physical or mental health reasons door to door car transport is required.

Objective:  To recruit two or three volunteers who would like to help participants access the services of the Collaborative.

Task: To use your own vehicle to transport participants referred to the Southeast Derbyshire Provider Collaborative between their home and the centres of the Collaborative.


·       Keep the car clean and roadworthy.

·       Ensure the car suitably insured with MOT certificate if needed.

·       To hold a driving licence.

·       Ensure seat belts are worn at all times.

·       To drive safely and in a manner that ensures the participant feels safe and is comfortable.

·       Not to eat, drink or smoke in the vehicle while transporting participants.

·       To follow procedures and guidelines as provided by the Collaborative.

·       To ensure prompt arrival for all transport bookings.

Supervision and support: Will be provided by a coordinator appointed by the collaborative.