Tool Ambassadors:

The main role of a Tool Ambassador is to be our first contact in their local community. Our Tool Ambassadors are the people that members of the public contact to donate tools.
Our Tool Ambassadors collect the donated tools, load them into boxes (easy to get from supermarkets), and store them ready for one of our vans to collect. They then arrange with their local Van Manager for them to be collected by a TWAM van.

County Coordinator:

Country Coordinator is a fantastic role for people who want to be right at the heart of all that TWAM does. This role directly works with our in-country teams and the recipients of our tools.

You will help process all the applications that are received via our online application form and help make the crucial decisions over who we can and cannot support.

You will have the opportunity to go overseas and visit the projects and people you have worked with to supply them with tools. For many of our Country Coordinators, this has proved a life-changing experience.

Community Ambassador

The main role of a Community Ambassador is to speak publicly on behalf of TWAM and be our public face in
their locality. This will mean receiving invitations from a variety of groups wanting a volunteer speaker to talk about TWAM.
Talks can be from 10 minutes to 40 minutes long and may include a Q&A session. Please don’t worry as we will not ask you to speak at a meeting you are not confident to attend.

Community Champion:

The main role of a Community Champion is to help raise support in their community for TWAM. This will mean
organising events (or finding people to organise them) such as coffee mornings, quiz nights, open gardens and
all sorts of creative ways to fundraise.
It means keeping an eye on what is going on in the community and perhaps finding people to enter sponsored events such as fun runs, 10Ks, walks for TWAM.
It will include working with our other volunteers to arrange events such as TWAM evenings with coffee and cake or a buffet.
Community Fundraisers need to be people with big ideas and the energetic enthusiasm to see them through

About TWAM - Tools with a Mission

Tool Ambassadors are the face of TWAM in the community, travelling to collect tools from members
of the public, or acting as a drop off point, storing donated tools until the TWAM van comes to pick them up.
These tools are all refurbished in our refurbishment centres and sent to African skills training centres, where they completely transform lives